Thursday, 23 January 2014

TBT: Oxford Gate

I have never done the Throwback Thursday thing, but I find myself nostalgic this particular Thursday and thought I'd go with it. Here we go:

I find myself a bit out of sorts today: Mr. Mitchell is attending his Fire Academy Boot Camp, and so I'm without my man. I've watched too many movies/shows taking place in London, and so I'm homesick for my favorite big city. I found 5 gray hairs on my head, and so I'm feeling betrayed by my body even though I know I have a whole lot of youth left in me. I miss the days where I took the time and effort to get ready and felt that it was productive. There's something about this picture that seems to wrap all of those things up in to one.

I was 20. I was living the dream during my semester abroad in England. My biggest concerns were about seeing everything I could see, somehow getting those darn term papers typed up and turned in while out exploring, and wondering how things would stand with Mr. Mitchell when I returned. I was so fulfilled and (mostly) worry-free that as soon as my head hit the pillow each night I was sound asleep and did not awake until my alarm went off.

I look at this picture and wonder why I didn't better appreciate the results of my efforts in front of the mirror (because even I will say that I look good in this picture). I find myself feeling lucky that I had such a wonderful opportunity to live in London and explore the United Kingdom. I find myself hoping that I can take Mr. Mitchell there before we're too old to run around from dawn to dusk. I cannot wait to share those special places with him.

There's really not anything in particular I'm trying to say here. Just letting my brain run rampant and trying to get myself back 'into sorts.'

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