Monday, 6 January 2014

December 2013

Time for our monthly wrap-up!

We started the month with getting ready for Christmas.
On our way to get our Christmas tree.

His favorite toy until we had to take it
back this week to put the tree ornaments in .
We did lots of baking. Sprout's job was to crush graham crackers.

I tried making our own Christmas cards. I think next year I'll just pay someone else to do them. I just don't have the eye and/or endless resources to make them look complete.
Suggestions on what I could have done?
As explained in an earlier post we opted to spend Christmas in our own home with our own little family. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner prepared by yours truly, we went out to see Christmas lights, and we watched White Christmas.
We had roast, mashed potatoes, rolls, salad, peach crisp, and sparkling cider.

Loading up for the lights.
Sprout usually wakes up around 8am, but it was almost as though he knew he was supposed to wake up early on Christmas because he had us out of bed at 6:45am. It took him awhile to realize we were for reals when he finally had permission to rip off the wrapping paper. After he decided it really was okay he had a wonderful time opening his presents. We had a yummy breakfast and then spent the day enjoying our presents, Skyping family, napping, and hanging out.
This picture is for my mom. All three of them
 were once beautiful. And then Sprout happened.
Christmas morning!
The rest of December passed by very quietly. I had to work New Year's Eve, and Mr. Mitchell had to take his fire academy final. He did stop long enough for a midnight kiss, and then he was back to the study grind and I was in bed. We party hard these days. 

Funny story: 
Sprout loves pulling out my shoes. It's just a thing. When we came back from our Thanksgiving voyage we brought back piles, and piles of books that belong to Mr. Mitchell that had been hanging out in Oregon. They are now piled up on Mr. Mitchell's side of the room. Sprout very much enjoys swapping our shoes and books, and it is always even. (i.e. 4 books will have replaced 4 shoes and vice versa). It's very orderly and very funny.

Perhaps we should get another bookshelf.

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  1. Great Tree!!! Merry Christmas.
    Love the even swapping. Our first was OCD too.


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