Monday, 6 January 2014

Following the Lemmings

Updated End of January
Updated End of February
Updated End of March
Updated End of April

Apparently you're supposed to publicly post your New Year Resolutions or you're a loser. Not really, but it has kind of felt like it this past week. I do, however, understand that if you publicly post what you hope to accomplish you're more likely to keep it up, and you can inspire other people. I was torn on whether or not I wanted to come up with a list of resolutions this year, especially since I was reminded in Sunday School that a resolution is something you are resolute about and so you had better accomplish it or you're worthless. Again, not really, but it's a lot of pressure people!

As of this morning I have decided that I am not going to come up with resolutions, but instead will come up with goals. Goals that will have little baby steps that will help me see that I am progressing and not a failure in life. I am posting publicly in the hopes that I will have some cyber cheerleaders cheering me on. Consider this a rough draft since I just decided it this morning and will probably add/delete/change things on this list in the coming week.

1) Write in my journal at least once a month.

I used to be a rockstar about writing in my journal. Then I got married and it dwindled a bit, and then I had a baby and it almost came to a complete standstill. It kills me because these are the most priceless moments of my life, and I'm not recording them. At least once a month this year! At least!!

January - check!
February - check!
March - fail. Somehow I totally missed it.
April - check!

2) Go on a couple's retreat that Mr. Mitchell plans.

Something that my mom has always said: Parents need a break from their kids, and kids need a break from their parents. Every year growing up my mom and dad would go on a little trip somewhere, and I can definitely see the value in that. Our 'babymoon' was to the Oregon Coast, and Mr. Mitchell planned it. Our getaway last year was Las Vegas, and I planned it. I kind of like that pattern. The goal is to tuck away a little money each month so that at the end of the fire season Mr. Mitchell and I can go on our retreat, but Mr. Mitchell has to do the actual planning.

3) Have Family Home Evening.
I believe in the power of Family Home Evening. We haven't been great about it because as a married couple every night was basically Family Home Evening, and with a baby it was kind of the same thing. We do have a set-apart Family Home Evening every great once in awhile, but I feel it is very important we start doing it regularly. I am hoping for every Monday night, but I will be very happy if it's only a couple of times a month since that's more than we're doing now.

January - check!
    1) Watched and discussed a conference talk.
    2) Read about Joseph Fielding Smith.
February - horrible fail.
March - half check?
    1) Watched a convert's video and learned how praying and missionaries brought him the gospel.
April - check!
    1) Reviewed nursery lesson 11
    2) Reviewed nursery lesson 13

4) Stay physically active.
This one's going to be a challenge for me as I now appear to be having some major back issues. I have a pinched nerve in my lower back that appears to really like being pinched. I went to a chiropractor who was able to readjust me so it was no longer pinching, but that only lasted for about a month. It has been really hard because if I do too much in a day my back starts to seize up and I cannot move. I hate what it is doing to my body. Maybe all I'll be able to do for awhile is go on walks, but I want to try and do something physically active about three times a week - the length of time will depend on my back that day.

January - check!
    1) I only walked this month with a little bit of running mixed in when my back felt good.
February - check!
    1) Five days a week of either pilates or a yoga/pilates mix. Only for 15-20 minutes a time though. Hopefully I'll be able to increase that soon.
March - check!
    1) A few days each of yoga/pilates mix or an aerobics workout. 20 minutes each.
April - fail
    I did alright the first couple of weeks. I used workouts I cut out of Women's Health. Then I got an infected tonsil that put me out for about a week, and then I was out of town.

5) Get a 6-Month Emergency Fund. 
I won't go into how much we currently have, or how much we'll have to put away monthly to get this fund, but I will feel much more comfortable and very proud once we have a 6-month emergency fund.

6) Time out for me.
I often feel run-down because I spend my day taking care of the house, running errands, taking care of my baby, and working. I'm not sure how often I want to try and do this, but I guess once a week is a good starting point. The most important part really is what I will do during this time out for me. Hopefully it will be something to help me relax and feel better about myself and not just me watching What Not To Wear wishing I could be nominated for the show.

January - check! Kind of. I think I could do a better job of making my 'time out' much more about something relaxing for me rather than mingling it with chores, projects, errands, etc. Next month!
February - check! I still really mingled my 'time out' with projects, but I also got some reading in and some window shopping.
March - check! Mostly giving myself manicures this month.
April - I have no idea. I don't feel super relaxed right now, so I guess I'll say 'no.'

7) Send out birthday and anniversary cards.
This is one that I always mean to do, but with the size of our family it gets overwhelming. I just counted in my planner and between our parents, siblings, in-laws, nieces, and nephews I will be sending out 44 birthday cards and 10 anniversary cards throughout the year. I would love to include money in all of those, too, but even at $2 in each card we're looking at over $100 in cards this year. So, maybe you'll get $2, maybe you won't. You'll just have to wait and see. 

January - check!
    1) 1 anniversary card.
    2) 2 birthday cards.
February - check!
    1) 1 anniversary card.
    2) 6 birthday cards.
March - check!
    1) 1 anniversary card.
    2) 3 birthday cards.
April - check!
    1) 2 birthday cards

8) Have more faith in the Lord's timing.
There is no way to quantify this one, but it is something I need to work on. (Getting personal here, folks.) There are some things that have or have not happened that don't make sense to me, or that I don't like, but I have to believe that I'm doing the best I can, and that the Lord's timing is always right. I don't like relying on other people, and so it can be very difficult, and humbling, for me to remember that I should lean on the Lord and trust in his timing.

Any other goals I have are far too personal or not my business to share, but hopefully I can feel pretty darn accomplished by the end of this year. Thanks for taking the time to read!


  1. These are really great goals!

  2. These are great!! I really love the yearly retreat idea. And I totally hear you on the FHE. Right now at my stage of life - every night is family night.


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