Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Holdaway Reunion 2013

According to Blogger this is my 100th post. I feel as though I should be doing some celebratory madness on here that makes everybody who doesn't have a blog wish they had one. I'm just not that clever, therefore I'll stick with my regular blog doings.

A couple of weeks ago I headed to Logan, UT with my little man (my big man was up in Alaska) for the Holdaway reunion. It was a week long event full of games, outings, activities, gabbing, and lots of food. I can't guarantee that I'll chronicle the festivities in the correct order, but I'll do my best.

In attendance:                               Missing:
Grandma and Grandpa                  Britton & Tena plus 3
Chris & Tiffany plus 3                  Chandler                
Eric & LaVonne plus 1                  Connor                  
Jayme & Steve plus 4                    Paul
Ryan & Angela plus 3                    Garrison
Sabrina plus 1

Here is what we arrived to (quite typical, I might add):

We had a day of water activities:

We had a siblings night while the grandparents took all of the grandkids:
"Facebook picture!!"

If you know my family then you know that the majority of us did not get pictured. We went out to eat and then went to Ryan & Angela's and played games, talked, and ate some more.

We took a tour of the Aggie's creamery and had some delicious ice cream:

(Is it weird to anyone else that the activity for which I have the most pictures is probably the least interesting for other people to look at?)

We took a hike to the Wind Caves:

We had a Western-themed game night along with some races:

My niece and her ballroom partner
 provided some entertainment.

"Ol' Digger Gramps"

I didn't edit this video because I'm lazy and Mr. Mitchell is off on another fire, so don't bother watching until it gets to about 0:40. In fact, I would say 1:40 - 2:00 is probably the most entertaining segment.

We had a few skit-like nights:
Cannibalistic hikers
Law School/Clown School
Dr. Mean & Painful
Bigfoot Hunters
They managed to escape and be audience only.
We spent a day at Lagoon:

The entire gang. The picture where everyone looked their
 best was totally photo-bombed by an employee. Trends these days.
(My only Lagoon pictures - very pathetic, Sabrina.) The only rides C.G. could go on were the train and the carousel. He didn't care about the train at all. He pretty much just wanted to eat the railing that is crawling with layer upon layer of little pointy-fanged germs. He really liked the carousel, but I couldn't snag a picture and hold onto the squirmy little dude.

There was a lot of ultimate frisbee, Nerf guns, and bandits & sheriffs (a.k.a. cops & robbers or mafia).

I tried to get a sibling shot, but it didn't turn out so well:

Camera setting, lighting, and timing, oh my!

We had salt dough and edible finger painting for the kids:

C.G.'s was mostly done by feet.

And, since we're Holdaways, plenty of food:

It was so nice seeing everybody that could make it. Sorry if I missed anything!

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