Sunday, 7 July 2013

4th of July 2013

Well, it was back to 4th of July with no Mr. Mitchell, and that was a shame because it was a really fun one since we could actually do fireworks and see a fireworks show.

The morning started off with a breakfast.

Then Garrison, his girlfriend, Jessie (whom C.G. adores, by the way), and myself went downtown to enjoy festivities while Grandma and Grandpa hung out with C.G.


Where we watched. It filled up once it started.

The only walking WWII veteran in Boise. I teared up.

Idaho Koreans walking to Gangnam Style
 - there were probably 5 that actually looked Asian.

His job was to scoop up horse poop.


The fountain felt amazing.
Chalk Art Festival:

Won People's Choice Award.

One of the featured artists.

Another featured artist.


Tank wars are a time-honored Holdaway tradition.

I won!

Then bed:

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!

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  1. You are sneaky. It took me three days to check the blog!!! Love all your pics. Looks like you've been busy and having fun.


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