Sunday, 7 July 2013

Color Me Rad

I hate running. That being said, as I was taking C.G. into his ISR lesson one day I noticed a poster for a 5k. A Color Me Rad 5k. A 5k with no pressure. I decided to become a horizon expander. You know, someone who expands their horizon. I convinced my dad to sign up with me, but he got injured. Then Mr. Mitchell was going to do it with me, but he was most likely going to get called out on a fire. So, I did the race with my mom. We walked most of it, so I'm not sure how much horizon expanding I did, but I still did a 5k! We walked it in about 42-43 minutes. Like I said, it's a 'no-pressure' 5k so nobody's keeping time.

I don't have any before pictures because they're all on my mom's camera and dad's phone, and those will be harder to get than pixie dust, but enjoy the ones I do have.

Going backwards for the camera man.

Thanks for doing Color Me Rad with me, Mom!

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