Thursday, 24 May 2012

Weekend in Red Bluff

The day we found out we're expecting a little, old man we drove down to Red Bluff to visit Mr. Mitchell's brother and to help with the lawn. They found out the same day that they're also expecting a little boy! Liz is due about a week and a half before I am, and I am so happy that my boy will have a cousin close in age to grow up with.

We didn't get any 'before' pictures, so the next two will have to be close enough.

That's not grass - it's all weeds.

Combination of dirt and tan.

Luke and Liz's kid enjoying the freshly turned dirt.

Using ingenuity to level the backyard.

Romping behind his dad with his mom following close behind.

Luke filling a stubborn hole. 

While the boys worked hard, Liz and I goofed off with her little boy and watched a lot of AFV.

Besides yard work we all just talked, watched movies, and had a good time enjoying each other's company.

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