Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Sprout Moments #7 (Sep. - Dec. 2016)


I somehow magically lost cash in between the ATM at one bank, and the ATM at the next, without making any stops. Mr. Mitchell and I have searched high and low and ripped the van apart. We have contacted both banks and literally retraced my steps. No money. Sprout prayed every single night for a month that we would find that money*. Once we did, he said lots of 'thank you' prayers.
*We haven't found that money, but the exact missing amount found us in a different way.

Me: You really, really need your hair cut.
Sprout: No! I don't want my hair cut.
Me: I will leave your hair alone until it starts getting in your eyes, then it's getting cut, no matter what.
Sprout: No. I'll just hold it up out of my eyes like this all day. *Uses his forearm to hold his hair up off of his forehead.*
Me: I think you'd get tired of doing that.
Sprout: No. I'm strong.

"Sitting like this hurts my leg pits."

Said while wearing oven mitts and waving them around his head, "I'm Super Herk! I pull people out of their pants! Aaargghh!"

Sprout: Are we going to stop at Farm McDonald's in Fires?
Me: In Fires? ... ... ... Do you mean Burns? (There's a town called Burns we pass through on our way to visit family in Oregon.)
Sprout: Yeah! Burns!

Sprout's Christmas list he sent to Santa:
glitter ball
music box
toy mommy
toy scarecrow
toy rocket

When Santa at the ward Christmas party asked him what he wanted for Christmas he said, "I already sent you my list!"

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