Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Little Lady Moments

Abigail hates nursery, but she loves the songs they've been singing in there. She's even figured out where each one is in the songbook and will flip to them before she sings. These are also her most requested songs before nap and bed. Today she combined "Follow, Follow Me," "Follow the Prophet," and "I'm Going to the Temple"  into a cute little song that she sang on repeat for a bit: "Follow follow follow the prophet. I'm going there someday!" 

We're out in the backyard and she runs up with a stick and pokes me in the leg with it. She looks up at me and says, "You're dead." 

"Good job, Mommy! You got dressed! Good girl!" - This came after probably two weeks of me living in my pajamas after her baby sister was born.

"I'm wearing your shoes. I'm a superhero!"

This girl is a talking machine and talks incredibly well for her age. She has excellent fine motor skills and is generally very mature for her age. She loves singing songs, loves dancing, and will often request songs or music to dance to. She is becoming quite the boundaries tester and loves picking on her older brother. Despite this she is very lovable and loves giving hugs, kisses, and 'snuggows,' She's very mothering to her stuffed animals and has been in heaven with her new baby doll from Christmas. 

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