Saturday, 16 August 2014

Mr. Tidy

A little nickname we have for Sprout is Mr. Tidy because he loves to help clean and has a little OCD streak (like his mother). Here are some of his recent cleaning endeavors:

He loves to sweep. I think we'll have to get him his own Sprout-sized broom for his birthday so he'll stop stealing mine.

Sometimes he'll ask for the scrub brush out of the blue so that he can go and scrub walls.

Any excuse to get in the toilet...

He also loves to wash dishes, put away laundry (it ALL goes in his pajama drawer), weed the flower bed, make Mommy & Daddy's bed, and put the vacuum away. (He doesn't like to help vacuum and instead sits on the couch watching the vacuum's every move.) I hope he'll always be this helpful, but I get the feeling it won't last once he realizes most people don't clean for fun.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh! Too bad you guys live so far away, I think Sprout would be a good influence on my messy little Charlotte! Haha! Too cute!!


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