Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Thanksgiving and November 2013

We had quite a voyage this Thanksgiving. During the summer I realized we hadn't seen Mr. Mitchell's Grandma Ann since our wedding and decided we needed to go see her during the holidays. It worked out best for everyone if we came just after Thanksgiving, and that's what we did.

We spent Thanksgiving day and a couple days prior to it at my parent's house. We played games, ate food, watched movies, and I slept ... a lot.

 My parents took us to the The Village at Meridian which was super fun. I can't wait to go back in the summertime when it's nice and warm and the stores are open. Right now they have Santa's village set-up complete with an ice skating rink. Mr. Mitchell tried teaching my nephew how to ice skate, we watched the fountain show, window shopped, and watched Frozen in the fancy pants theater with leather seats.

How many uncles does it take to
get a nephew ready for skating?

That's where Santa hides out.

On Black Friday instead of hitting the stores we hit the road and spent 11 hours driving to Roseburg, OR to visit with family. We spent most of our time with Mr. Mitchell's brother's family, his aunt and uncle, and we were able to see his grandma and dad as well.

Aunt Liz, cousin D., and Sprout.

The grandkids were gifted giant teddy bears.

After a couple of days it was just us with Rick and Patti (Mr. Mitchell's aunt and uncle who graciously hosted everyone in their home). Patti spoiled me with craft time, we went on a beautiful walk and played at a park, and went to Festival of Lights. We don't have any pictures from Festival of Lights, but let me give you a visual:

Driving very slowly past lots and lots and lots of light displays, the window down, Sprout standing on Daddy's lap, head out the window, giant smile. It was very cute, and he loved it.

Luke, Liz, and their boys.

On our walk with Granty (Great Aunty) Patti

We had a wonderful time with all of our family and want to thank my parents and Rick & Patti for spoiling us rotten and helping us make this trip possible.

Now for the November wrap-up:

Pulling out ALL of my shoes is a favorite game.

Lots of outside time before it got too cold.

He likes his books.

Now some videos of Sprout playing with Mom and Dad:

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