Thursday, 14 November 2013

We Moved....Again

So, I think pretty much everyone knows that it's standard for Paul and me to move twice a year due to work and school. The move this time, however, was self-inflicted. We were living in a triplex beneath a man that I fondly call Thundering Thornton. That combined with some landlord issues meant we had to leave as soon as our contract was up.

We are now in a side-by-side duplex, and we are loving it. We have good-smelling carpet, we have no one above us, we have a yard that is free of dog poop, we have a garage, and the only thing we miss about the old place is the kitchen. The kitchen here is a LOT smaller, and there is no dishwasher. *sigh* It's worth it, though.

Pics of the new place (not quite completed yet):

Come and visit us!

P.S. Maybe you noted that there was no picture of our bedroom listed; here is an opportunity for you to learn something about me: my bedroom is my personal space, and I do not like other people in there unless explicitly invited or directed there. Posting a picture of my bedroom on the interweb seemed a little silly if I don't even let close friends in there.

1 comment:

  1. Hah. You are like me. But because we live in a studio right now when we have visitors they always plonk themselves on our bed as a couch. I HATE it. Like why would you do that. Sit on the chairs! Usually I can direct people to the chairs in time but sometimes its too late and I feel akward asking the to move. In other words, your place is awesome! Its so big!


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