Sunday, 22 September 2013

September 2013

I figured I better do my monthly wrap-up a little early since the next time I blog it will be about a certain chap turning one and will probably be overwhelmed with pictures and videos.

First: Sprout's First Haircut! Not really, though. He had a ton of hair when he was born and has had several trims to try and keep it all tidy. It was finally time to cut it all down.

We have gone from this... this.

(Please take note of how many times it took to get a shot where I could actually catch the haircut.)

He's been playing hard lately (very much in an 'in-and-out' phase right now) and whenever I check on him in his crib he almost always looks as though he passed out rather than fell asleep.

Fall is here in Idaho. The weather has been fantastic and there's that wonderful fall smell in the air. I don't normally get too into decorations because I have nowhere to store the stuff, but I'm so much in the fall spirit that I had to do a little something.

Sprout has been able to spend some time with Dad.

And, lastly, just because

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