Tuesday, 5 February 2013

January 2013

January was a very low-key month for us. I continued to apply for jobs that would enable either Mr. Mitchell or myself to be home with Caleb (or perhaps with a sitter for an hour or two), and Mr. Mitchell continued to get all of his ducks in a row for his intensive EMT course. I have finally been employed by Vacasa Rentals as a reservationist and Mr. Mitchell has officially started his EMT class. The class started with over 20 and is now down to 4. Cross your fingers that nobody else drops: Mr. Mitchell will have to switch to night classes and it will takes months to complete the course. 

C.G. has had a lot of education this month.

Here we see him being educated by his father in the way of computer games.
"Don't bother us, Mom!"

 Here we see him being educated by his Grandma in the way of the crossword puzzle.
"You spelled it wrong, Grandma!"
And, lastly, we see him being educated in the way of reading manly books.

"Why read Goodnight Moon when you can read Ender's Game?"

As you can see he's only learning about the truly important things in life. I didn't get many pictures of him this month because I've been doing a lot of videos. I keep hoping to catch him during his babbling or big smiles, but the camera always distracts him and he gets very serious trying to figure out what I'm holding.

He still really likes his mobile.
"It's so beautiful!"

 We went through two outfits before 11:00am so it became a diaper day.
Socks are key.

He's starting to enjoy tummy time a little bit more now that he's getting better at grabbing things, but it's still not as fun as other things he can do.
"Am I done yet, Mom?"
And he still absolutely loves his bouncer from his Great-Aunt Patti. He'll kick and bounce in that thing for 30 minutes, easy. Today he simultaneously grabbed the lion and the elephant and almost didn't know what to do about it. Ultimately, he decided to let go.

Mr. Mitchell wouldn't let me get a 'first-day-of-school' shot, so this is as good as it gets. He thinks the shirt looks stupid, and since he wouldn't let me take the picture I wanted I say we all make fun of his stupid shirt.

C.G. is now four months and just over 16 pounds. He talks a lot and has the most adorable laugh. He'll smile at anybody that will smile at him, and he is a terrific sleeper. He rolls from back to front and spends a lot of time on his sides trying to grab whatever is around him. We find him highly entertaining. 

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  1. I LOVE all the pics and videos!!! CG is grow up so quick. drat. That means I will never have gotten to meet any of my nephews before they can truly understand that I am a total stranger and scream like mad!! oh well, I will have to settle for your blog posts. Now if we can just kid Liz to post on hers! lol jk Liz! Thanks for keeping us all updated on CGs and Paul's milestones. I forgot that he's such a party popper, but then I remembered that Paul hates blogs lol! ttys sister!


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