Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day 7 of and Departure From Mexico

Our last full day in Mexico (Jan. 21) was mostly spent just relaxing at the beach house. Well, on my part anyway. It started with Mr. Mitchell and I watching the sunrise on the roof.

I have never seen a sunrise look so much like a sunset.

My mom, dad, Garrison, Ryan and Angela started the day off with a visit to a currently functioning Mayan church and cemetery. They said it was interesting because the church has all of these procedures and they have no idea why they do any of it. Odd.

Going from church to cemetery.

I like the bright orange one.

Is that a dog house in the cemetery?

When they got back they all went to the cenote across the street except for Angela and me. We hung out at the pool where they all joined us when they got back.

The boys taking a rest.

The parentals taking a rest.

This crab got cranky with Mr. Mitchell.

Mr. Mitchell took this video for me since I whine that he never gets enough pictures or videos of himself.

Dipping in the pool.

I thought it was pretty.

 He almost got her in there...maybe next time. 

The boys jumping in.

After we played in the pool it was time to pack up and head back into Cancun. We got back to the hotel and then headed straight out to eat. We were supposed to visit a taco stand that somebody in one of Garrison's wards owns, but we were too hungry to wait until they opened. We stopped at a McDonald's and then went to a soccer game that was happening right behind it. Jefe Pancho was the man who let us in and informed us he owned the place. He ended up being a bit sloshed and also told us that he was the "Big Jefe" at Xcaret and at Xelha. Busy, busy man that Pancho. (We seem to be missing the picture of him.) He also tried to convince any of the guys in our group to take his secretary home with them. I wonder if the poor woman has any idea she's being auctioned off.

Enjoying our snack.

Watching the thrilling half time.

Jefe Pancho let us sit with the team.

After the game we headed into downtown Cancun to visit the taco shop. It was soooo yummy! They make delicious tacos and things that I can't remember the names for. Soooo tasty. And each thing was about 50 cents. Talk about a sweet deal.

This is how they cook the fabulous meat.

We were their first customers.

While we were waiting for our food some guy's truck broke 
down so my dad, Garrison, and Ryan ran out and pushed it.

The cook that should've come home with us.

Garrison got to see some other people from the ward that showed up for tacos. It was great to see how much they loved him and were happy to have him back.

After he was done socializing we went back to the hotel, sat in their hot tub, and went to bed. Going to bed was sad because we knew that the next day we would be leaving.

Mr. Mitchell and I woke up grumpy thinking about being back in Provo. We went to church and were grumpy there. And we went back to the hotel to swap pictures and eat more food and we were grumpy there. And then we went to the airport and were grumpy there. We got a milkshake and that helped brighten things a bit. 

Our flight kept on getting pushed back and so we didn't get back until 12:30am. Our good friend Heather was waiting to pick us up even though she had to be to work that morning. We're so grateful she didn't ditch us and we know the candy bars were poor pay, but we hope she enjoyed them!

We're back home now and back in the swing of things. We had a wonderful time and wish we could have been there longer. Thank you so very much to my mom and dad who made this trip possible. And thank you to Garrison for having served faithfully and loving the people.

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