Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day 6 of Mexico

The morning of January 20 found Mr. Mitchell like a giddy, little school-boy; this was the day he got to go scuba diving. We rushed everybody into the car and drove to Playa del Carmen. 

It was kind of tricky to find the dive shop because most of the streets were one way and about half of them were closed. We were, however, successful and Mr. Mitchell got dropped off to go diving. Unfortunately, we have no photographic evidence because the depth would have been too much for his camera and because he had the camera with him I couldn't get pictures of him getting off of the boat in his diving gear. *sigh*

While Mr. Mitchell went diving for a few hours the rest of us went to the grocery store for a bit of lunch and then hung out on the beach. There wasn't a reef at this section to break the waves so Garrison, my dad and I got to do some wave jumping.

I was excited to get to the beach. My shoulders started getting pretty
 burned so I wore my jacket when I wasn't in the water.

My dad kicking back before he jumps in.

There were lots of boats and jet-skis. (Or jet-skys as the ad said.)

Can you see us? (I'm in the yellow swimsuit!)

Getting ready to go pick up Mr. Mitchell.

Apparently people rent full-on beds at the beach.

After we picked up Mr. Mitchell we got some food and did a little bit of shopping. Garrison, Mr. Mitchell and I were on a hunt to find Mr. Mitchell a scuba diving shirt when we suddenly heard opera. We looked around and couldn't quite figure out where it was coming from... ... ...until we passed another restaurant. One of the patrons, who was clearly finished with his meal, was leaning back in his chair and singing at the top of his lungs while his wife finished up her own meal. He was rather rotund and looked quite at ease busting out his opera. It was a hilarious sight. 

We were also offered weed four times in about 10 minutes. They weren't even sneaky about it. They'd just walk up and ask us if we wanted some weed. (There was one guy who tried to be sneaky; he nudged Garrison and asked if he was shopping for something special and invited us all back to his store.) Garrison would always politely say no, give 'em a slap on the back, and ask us what about him looked like he needed weed. Mr. Mitchell was getting asked, too, so we decided they just aim for a certain age group of dudes. 

We really liked the ivy covered buildilng.

We were starving.

And we were quite taken with the purse rack.

This was the biggest leftover Christmas decoration we 
found while in Mexico. We parked our van by it.

They had these everywhere...really?

Ryan and Dad had some bonding time.

After a long day of beach playing, scuba diving, and shopping we were wiped out. 

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  1. Alexis was watching the pictures when I was reading this post and she say Grandpa and said. "Grandpa, I Love him." Thank you for sharing your trip. We love seeing your adventures.


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