Sunday, 29 January 2012

Day 4 of Mexico

January 18 gave us day 4 of our journey. This is the day where Mr. Mitchell and I finally made it all of the way out to the reef. After the waves broke over the reef you could see it and all the fan corral it had growing on top. I was kind of worried we'd get stuck on it because it was so tall. We came out just fine and felt rather victorious.

While we had a beautiful beach house and enjoyed kayaking out on the ocean, we didn't really have a chunk of ocean you could play in. About 6 inches into the water you run into huge rocks and tons of moss and that's just not a fun place to amuse yourself. We had heard great things about Akumal beach, which was about 10 minutes away, and so we went. It was super, duper fun and we got to see some great things while snorkeling.

We also ate at a yummy restaurant right on the beach - if only I could remember the name. There I dripped red hot sauce on my white shorts. Delightful. There was a great view of the ocean, though, and I really liked my food.

Reading on the beach.

Getting ready to go snorkeling. 

We had an entire background full of palm trees.

Nice and sandy, no rocks or sticks to poke your feet.

 Super beachers. (I actually brought two other swimsuits...
nobody ever got a picture of me wearing the other two.)

We were missing Angela because she was feeling sick.

An excellent sand castle made by neighbors.

Pretty fish found while snorkeling.

Ryan and Garrison checking out the reef.

I was falling over when this picture was taken.

My handsome man.(The black 'frame' is from the 
underwater cover on the camera.)

Mi mama y papa.

Mr. Mitchell and I.

My favorite thing we saw while snorkeling.

That's the ocean and sunshine behind me.

Mr. Mitchell and I coming back from trying to wash 
the hot sauce off of my shorts.

This was a terrific day at the beach. The kind of day I was envisioning whilst on the flight over and was worried might not happen because of the rain. Silly me! 

After Akumal, Mr. Mitchell, Garrison and I decided we should find just such a beach by our beach house. We took a good-sized walk down the beach on either side of the beach house and, alas, found nothing quite like it.

This jungleness is anywhere a beach house is not.

The restaurant next to our beach house.

I asked Garrison to model his Hollister shirt
...he did a surprisingly good job???

After we realized our dream might not come true, we enjoyed the walk back to the beach house and hung out on the hammocks. When I got out of mine I almost stepped on this little guy (whom we have fondly named Jacques).

At this moment he was probably breathing deep 
sighs of relief that I didn't squish him.

He somehow managed to get onto the porch, but couldn't get himself off. 
We made a sand ramp for him.

Thus ended our adventures for the day!

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