Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 2 of Mexico

This day was pretty chill (Jan. 16). It started with breakfast on our own little beach and then a kayak trip out to the reef. We didn't reach the reef this day because the wind was so gnarly, but it did happen a few days later.
Breakfast on the beach every morning...oh, yeah!

 Can you see us?

 Here we are a little closer. Can you tell that Mr. Mitchell did most of the work?

 Garrison's first time in the ocean in over two years.

They tried to outkayak us.

After our lovely kayaking morning we decided to go hop in the cenote across the street. It was less than $2/person and we spent three hours in there. Sweet deal.

Getting ready to go to the cenote.

Hanging out.

Garrison's happy to be in the cenote.

Bubbles from Garrison jumping in.

My dad.

Taking a little rest on a rock we found.

I love  his mug.

Mr. Mitchell diving.

Ryan posing for posterity.

Beginning scuba class.

Our group as we're getting ready to get out.

I was glad he convinced me to wear the wetsuit.

In this video you will see that I win the "Chicken Award" for diving and Ryan wins the "Daring Award." Also, if you can see through the gunk you'll find lots of little fishies that we were swimming with.

This video shows some of the bigger fish we saw; they're swimming in the roots of the trees.

After we cleaned up from the cenote we went into town. We did some shopping where we picked up a Mayan calendar, Tulum magnet, and a Mayan mask for our 'around the world' souvenir collection. We also stopped and ate at this fabulous chicken place where we fed our entire gang for under $20.

They had some pretty jewelry.

It was a street of shopping.

Mexican version of Atlas?

We found tiny guitars.

Can you tell what he's holding?

Waiting for the food.

Enjoying our wonderful chicken and pop in glass bottles.

Garrison likes this stuff.

On our way back to the beach house Ryan decided they needed to run back into Tulum to buy ingredients for taco salad. While they were shopping, Garrison, Mr. Mitchell and I made sand castles.

The produce section.

 The very interesting meat section.

 All of the arrows meet here in the middle.

My own version of the ruins. 

Garrison's fortress.

Ryan and Angela made us a tasty dinner, we played Scum, and then we went to bed.
Post-meal chatting.

 Garrison liked to sleep outside in his hammock since 
he had spent the last two years sleeping in a hammock.

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  1. Oh my goodness, so not going to lie I didn't even know you went to Mexico, but how cool!!! It looks like you had so much fun. What an awesome adventure!


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