Sunday, 23 October 2011

We Went to Vernal

We were once again invited to go to Vernal and party at the Daniel's house. Mr. Mitchell's brother, Joey, came with us and so we were only able to be there for a few hours this year, but it was a good time. We missed the apple picking, unfortunately, but we were able to make it for the cider pressing.

A "Bigfoot" moment for Paul

The sweet cider press.

Bruce - he usually has his eyes open.

The boys (Bruce, some kid, Paul, Joey) hard at work. 

Here's a brief video tutorial on the cider-making process (youtube said that it could rotate the video, so, I tried it out; so far, it's not working - enjoy the crick in your neck).

I enjoyed busying myself with the non-human participants of Daniel Cider Day, namely, Lacy - the old dog, Sasha - the new pup, and piglets.

During this time I learned that I have a slight fear of large, grunting pigs; however, because I was able to placate this one with an apple I was then allowed to play with her babies.

After this we ate the goat the Daniels roasted, admired their pumpkin arrangement and then had to leave. Like I said, we were only there a few hours. If you'd like, you may compare it to our Vernal trip from last year.


  1. I totally remember when you did this last year and I'm still jealous. It just looks so awesome!

    Also, I want to steal that puppy.


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