Sunday, 22 May 2011

Our First Anniversary

"It's all any of us wants: to find a nice person to hang out with 'til we drop dead. Not a lot to ask!" - Lorelei Gilmore

I've always loved that line from Gilmore Girls; however, Mr. Mitchell and I can top that by saying we get to hang out with each other for eternity. As of May 14, 2011 we have been married for a year! WOOHOO!

Our first anniversary did not at all go as planned, but I think that is what will help make it so memorable. Our original plan was to go to Portland to do sealings (in honor of our own sealing and to help others have that same joy and blessing) and then go to Newport to hang out at the coast. Mr. Mitchell ended up purchasing a motorcycle windshield on his west coast trip which depleted our Portland funds. We then settled on sealings in Medford followed by dinner and a movie. Well, the temple was completely booked on our anniversary so we had to break it up into two days. The day before our anniversary (Friday) we drove to Ashland to see Joey and Mr. Mitchell ended up fixing Joey's bike. Then, because the car was handling funny and vibrating like crazy (even though we had just purchased two brand new tires and had all of the tires balanced), we went to Les Schwab and ended up having to get two more new tires. We then made our way over to Medford to do sealings. Even though most people there seemed confused (despite the fact that we had called ahead to schedule so this wouldn't happen)we had a very nice time at the temple. We finished the night off with Dairy Queen and then went back to Lakeview.

In the morning, since it was actually our anniversary, we opened our cards and discovered we had been given enough money we could have gone through with our original plan to go up to Portland and Newport. Haha. Oh, well. We decided to put it to use anyway. We drove to Klamath Falls for our dinner and movie part of our anniversary only to discover that there was not a single movie worth paying full price for. Instead, we went to Walmart and bought $50 worth of movies followed by dinner at a steakhouse. Afterward, we went to Mr. Mitchell's grandparents to show them a video Mr. Mitchell had created of our wedding because they were unable to attend our wedding since it was up in Portland. I think they really appreciated us sharing our first anniversary with them.

So, as I said, definitely not what we had planned (and definitely not a typical anniversary outing), but something that we'll remember...even though we forgot a camera on both days. :)

Thank you for supporting us during our first year of marriage!

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  1. You guys are way too cute!

    And I 100 trillion percent support the movie shopping spree. LOVE it.


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