Friday, 17 December 2010

That Christmas Feeling

One of my favorite things about Christmas is that 'magic' feeling that is undeniable in any human being that has a heart. During finals, however, that magic feeling seems to disappear. Students stop showering and huddle in corners talking to themselves while eating their finger nails. Everything becomes self-centered and all service and generous thoughts are suppressed. Nobody notices Christmas lights or stars because they're looking at the ground as they cruise from test to test. So, what is the point of my writing this? I'm so happy that finals are done and that I came out of the funk before they were done that I want to share my happy, magic Christmas thoughts with the world.
Yesterday morning I was still in a funk about finals and had to go take one that I was dreading. By the time I finished my final the world was a better place. I got a 92% which means I'll get an A in that class and it kicked me out of the gruesome world of finals and into the wonderful world of Christmas. Paul had driven me to my final so I had to walk back to the apartment but it was so great! As I walked back I was able to take a leisurely stroll, look people in the eyes as I passed them and say 'hello,' enjoy the snow glistening and sparkling and laughing at all the silly snowmen, heard people whistling Christmas carols as they scraped off their car windows, and felt lighthearted and happy even though I still had another final to take today. Paul came home from work early and we got to hang out for hours just being lazy and enjoying each other's company. We then went to a Christmas dinner with some friends which was so fabulously scrumptious and beautiful that I couldn't get back into the finals funk even if I tried. Paul gave a wonderful thought on Christmas and how excited we are to have our first Christmas together even though it will be very simple. Christ's birth was a simple affair even though it was one of the most magnificent things to ever happen to this earth and for us, so, we are more than happy to have a simple Christmas.
I love, love, love Christmas and the kindness and happiness that it brings to people. Try to do something Christmasy and find people to serve and let that magic get to you. It's perfect. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hahaha, hiding in corners biting their fingernails?! Oh the wonderful days of finals! I'm glad you survived and got out alive (and well!)
    Miss you dearly!!


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