Monday, 6 December 2010


So, supposedly there has been a request for pictures. I don't know how true this statement is but since I'm trusting and gullible I will appease. I have decided to share some pictures from our Honeymoon because they make me really, really happy. We were too busy playing to take many pictures so there weren't lots for me to choose from, but I hope you enjoy the ones I selected.
Here are my sweet butt cheeks at the beach:

A beautiful sunset at Long Beach:

Mr. Mitchell staring down the waves:

Conferring with Mr. Toad:

Starting a secret club with Tigger:

It's actually my castle, I just let the world think it's Sleeping Beauty's:

One of our dinners at the Blue Bayou...yummmmmmmmmmmmm:

California Adventure wishes it was Disneyland, although we do love its roller coaster:

Since they had stopped making mickey groom ears the year before, Paul decided to play Rastafarian to my bride:

Lastly, the traditional Disneyland photo by the Mickey flowers and train station:

Well, I hoped you savored our delectable pictures and enjoyed basking in our awesomeness. We had such a good time and are happy to be sharing it with you.

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  1. Fun! California is sounding pretty amazing right now, with all this cold weather. So you guys are back in Utah huh? How are you liking married life? Are you going to be in Boise for Christmas at all? Hope all is well!


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