Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Saga of the Couch

So, Mr. Mitchell and I have been patiently scouring the town for a couch. Used couches make me nervous if I don't know the previous owner because who knows what is on that couch. We checked Ikea and they were all ugly or overpriced. My sister offered us two armchairs she just has lying around and we considered taking them. (We thought it would be funny to become an old couple already with our separate recliners on opposite sides of the room.) Then, Mr. Mitchell had to go the RC Willey Outlet for work and found an as-is couch in really good shape that we could get an additional 20% off of. We took it! There was no way I could help Paul haul the couch up to our apartment so he called his friend and away they went. After patiently waiting in the apartment for some time I started to hear this odd clicking noise outside of the apartment. I opened the door to see what was going on and I found Mr. Mitchell kneeling by the railing wearing his 'I'm up to something' face. When I took a closer look I found him pulling on a ratchet strap.

I immediately saw what he was trying to do. He was going to try hauling the couch up over the railing using ratchet straps rather than carrying it up the stairs. I needed a visual confirmation so I tipped my head over the railing and saw this.

Yep. Our brand new couch was getting strapped in. I had this terrible image of our brand new couch being pulled up and then toppling out of its straps down onto the pavement and smashing into pieces. They claimed they were super strong and had the oomph to do it but I believe the terrified look on my face convinced them they needed to do otherwise. This then ensued.

My poor, super buff, super strong hubby was having a hard time getting this couch to our apartment. There was a long struggle between Team Mr. Mitchell & Bryan and the couch which included some casualties.

When the couch wouldn't fit through the door Mr. Mitchell had a mini-meltdown.

They even tried to pull the window out to squeeze the couch through there. However, through much perseverance, will-power, and sheer manliness they got the couch through the door and situated in the living room.
Mr. Mitchell and I now have a wonderful couch (that reclines on both ends so we can pretend to be an old couple if we want)that we can relax on but that Mr. Mitchell might secretly hold a grudge against forever.

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