Sunday, 2 March 2014

February 2014

February is one of the dreariest months of the year I think. Luckily, we had a few events that made it less so. We had a Valentine's party with my family in Mendon where we enjoyed the company of the Smiths, Logan Holdaways, Garrison, and my parents. I only got pictures of the party prep, but it was a nice little gathering. We had food (as is required at all Holdaway functions), lots of Valentine sweets, games, and chatter.

The master food prepper.

Angela was quite excited about this picture.

Not as cheerful as usual.

They weren't much help in the prep-work.

For the extended weekend my best friend Heather was up to visit. It's always nice to have the extra company, and I'm so grateful to have a friend willing to make the drive to come and visit. I don't make friends very easily and get lonely.

The next weekend Garrison came for a visit. Garrison, unlike me, makes friends easily and has them everywhere so he was in and out visiting people, but it was very nice to have him here to make us laugh and to play with Sprout.

Now to the Random February Treasures:

Sprout LOVES it when I work out while he's awake. He very enthusiastically pulls out my mat and rolls it out for me. He clambers all over me, weaves between my legs, and sometimes tries to mimic what I'm doing - especially if it involves legs. We have some funny videos, but I feel a little awkward posting videos of me working out on the internet. Here's a picture of him on Yoga day.

I love that he's reaching the mimicking stage. He's decided lately that he needs to wear Dad's hat, and if Dad's wearing it he'll go find one of his one. 

A favorite game lately is getting out the pots and utensils and mixing whatever he can find. He especially loves to do it while I'm cooking.

Sprout is learning to stack blocks, but he mostly loves to knock them over.

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