Monday, 10 September 2012

The Nursery

So, apparently if your child doesn't have their very own themed-nursery it will become a traumatic event in their life that they will never recover from that will cause them to commit murder and spend their adult life in prison. I don't want to risk my baby boy becoming a murderer, so I have put together the best themed-nursery we had money for.  It took a little fixing up...

The lamp shade could still use some fixing...

You can't tell, but there is crayon all over this dresser.

Mr. Mitchell's job was to fix the drawer bottoms.

We still have to fix the hamper, but here's what's come of our 'fixing' so far!

We're hoping to be able to get a little toy box to put the toys in (instead of the cardboard box they're currently sitting in), and we're really hoping for a glider (I just need to find $200 on the street to buy the one I want). Really, though, we're ready for this little boy to come.

In honor of our anticipation and hopes that this babe will come in September I went ahead and changed the blog background for the month. Yay!


  1. Cute cute! I think it always takes more effort and might feel better when you have to decorate on a dime! Good job!

  2. So cute!!! I think you've cured him of any murderous tendencies. Well done!


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