Thursday, 13 January 2011

Disgruntled & Discouraged: Please Pity Me

I am decidedly disgruntled and discouraged. I am in such an expensive major and it is really starting to get to me. This is a picture of my $630 worth of textbooks for the semester. (Believe it or not, this is not the most I have spent in one semester on books in this double major, rather, this is a normal amount.)

Mr. Mitchell and I do not have a currently functioning printer so I have to print everything on campus at .07 cents a page for black and white and who knows how much for color. This is how much I had printed off after my first four days of classes. I could take an updated picture of the binder but I might break down.

We haven't even finished our second week of school and I have already had to pay for binding, laminating, cardstock, and posterboard.
On top of that, I am in a very unorganized district. I used to be in the Jordan district which was on top of everything. Because getting married put me off of my graduation track I had to switch to the Alpine district which has recently experienced some changes which apparently translates to: Everything has been flushed down the toilet and you'll have to swim down the bend to get what you need - don't expect any help from us.
On top of that, the McKay School of Education is majorly revamping their program and that begins in the fall which means it won't affect me. That apparently translates to: Everybody that was in the program before, especially dual majors such as myself, are going to get erroneous and/or pointless information because people can't differentiate between the old and the new program.
On top of that, my student teaching application is due Tuesday morning and the one person left to sign my ridiculous 15 pages of crap has decided to go on vacation until Tuesday.
On top of that, my Praxis test is Saturday (which also cost us a ridiculous amount of money to sign up for because BYU stopped paying for it last year) and I have hardly had a chance to study for it. To buy a study guide costs quite a bit of money so I decided to check one out from the school. I could only keep it for 48 hours and now that it's the week of the test that is no longer an option.
On top of that, I can't find a job to help pay for all of these expenses. I applied for 12 jobs last semester and didn't get a single one because of my outrageous school schedule. I have applied for two jobs so far this semester and didn't get them because I don't have the necessary qualifications.
I apologize for being so whiney and pathetic. Now that I have vented into the world of the internet I will move on and become cheerful once more.
... ... ... ... ...this is one reason Paul hates blogs.

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